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George Washington vs. Washington Street

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

On Independence Day we watched the musical 1776 from the 1970s.

Levi was in and out of the room while we watched the movie.  I really didn’t concern myself with how much he watched.  It wasn’t on for educational purposes.

Later that evening we watched the fireworks at Minnetrista in Muncie.  As we left and went through downtown Muncie and Levi was loaded up with Caffeine.  He was chattering about everything he saw.  Think Kurt Vonnegut on crack.  He then read a sign saying Washington Street and then started asking if George Washington was on the bus next to us.  I was shocked.  George Washington was several times mentioned in the movie earlier that day, but never was the word Washington written out.  The phonics first method seems to produce astounding results linking the verbal and written aspects of language.  I wish I could take credit for it.  Starfall has been the main resource teaching the boys to read.  I will write more in detail later about what we use for Phonics.  You may wish to look at Levi, Reading and Starfall.

Levi still insisted George Washington was riding on that bus.

Levi, reading and Starfall

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Levi watching starfall.comLevi is watching on our TV. It has everything from letters to small books. Levi and Isaac both have enjoyed and learned from this web site. It has helped Levi in his love of letters and in starting to read.

I would call it like an interactive Sesame Street. Not only does it teach letters in language in a fun way. But, it also provides small game “quizzes” that make the learning fun.

Levi really loves his letters almost to obsession. One of his favorites is the silent E video. Starfall uses songs and games to teach phonics and exceptions in a fun and memorable way.

Starfall pumpkin

Another favorite of both boys is the the Pick a Pumpkin game. It gives them different options to make their own pumpkin. This game specifically teaches the short U sound. I still can hear it sing “uh, uh-uh, uh-uh-uh.” Yeah, I have heard it that much.

In closing, is an excellent resource for teaching children to read. It requires Adobe Flash Player, so it may not work on your smartphone. It should work on your Mac or Windows based PC.