We (Nate and Mandi) are a couple of homeschooling noobs who decided to share our family’s educational journey on a blog.  We were married in 2003 and have three children, two boys and a girl.  Our oldest, a boy, was born in 2006 and will be “officially” starting preschool at home this fall.  This means that we will begin keeping progress records of his learning, but we feel that we have been homeschooling him since the day he was born.

Nate has a background in information technology (IT), and has worked as a system administrator, a director of IT, and an independent IT consultant.  He is an avid reader of history and logic, and will be mostly responsible for teaching those subjects.

Mandi holds a bachelor of arts in English and a Master of Library Science.  She worked as a librarian for eight years before resigning to stay home with the kids.  She likes to dabble in a variety of interests–reading, writing, cooking, and crafts, to name a few.  She will be responsible for the majority of the teaching and curriculum planning.


  • To provide a visual record of our family’s homeschool experience. This blog serves as a sort of electronic portfolio of our children’s work.  Family, friends, and other homeschoolers can see what and how we are learning.
  • To network with the wider homeschooling community. Through this blog, we hope to connect to other homeschoolers on the web and in our community.  We welcome comments and discussion–even friendly arguments!  Do you have a homsechool blog?  We’d love to exchange links.
  • To share homeschool resources. We will discover and create a variety of resources to help us teach our children.  We will share those resources here.  We’ll link to our favorite online homeschool resources and upload printable copies of those we create.  Check out our Resource Center where you can access all of our original resources from one convenient page.
  • To review curriculum and related products. Choosing a curriculum is one of the most challenging decisions homeschool parents face.  Periodically, we will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of various curricula and supplemental materials that we use.  Perhaps our experiences will help other parents decide whether a particular product is right for their children.
  • To raise funds for our educational expenses. Homeschooling is a fairly economical way to educate your kids, but we do incur some costs for curriculum, school supplies, (eventually) private lessons and transportation.  If you would like to help and are genuinely interested in some of the products adverstised on our site, feel free to click on the ads.  Please note that we have limited control over the ads displayed on our page and do not necessarily endorse the products.  Within our posts, we may also link to products sold on external websites, and we may receive commissions for clicks on those.  You can rest assured that we only link to products with which we are familiar and want to share.  While we welcome the commission, we also want to provide an enjoyable browsing experience.

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