A True Partnership

September 26th, 2010 by Mandi

In just about half an hour, Nate and I will have been married for seven years, and together for eight.  I remember waiting anxiously in front of Applebee’s to meet some guy I’d talked to online.  He never arrived.  As it turns out, he had a different idea about which entrance was the “front.”  Fortunately, I decided to check the side entrance (which he still believes is the front).  Despite his refusal to see reason (haha!), we grew into best friends and beyond, and a year later, became husband and wife.  The rest is history.

Just like on that first date, we often see things differently.  In fact, as I sit here and listen to him snore, I wonder if arguing isn’t a hobby for us.  However, our disagreements tend to be over petty things.  Where it truly matters, we could scarcely be more in sync.  To us, marriage is not just about us as a couple, but about the whole family.  We do need some time to ourselves, and we take it when it is reasonable to do so, but the needs of the family come first.

I am thankful to have found someone who puts family first and will defend us at all costs.  Romance and passion are important, and we have a little of those, but that’s not what I appreciate most about our marriage.  We have something rare and invaluable–a true partnership.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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