Levi and Isaac Picking Pumpkins

October 9th, 2010 by Nate

Levi and Isaac walking through pumpkin patch

On Friday we took the boys on a trip to get apples and pumpkins.  We ate lunch at McClure’s Orchard and then visited Doud’s Orchard.  One could call it “life sciences” or “nature studies.”

Isaac with a pumpkin

I call it a day of family fun.

We prefer to use a you-pick-it pumpkin farm.  That lets the kids get out and play.  They can pick their own pumpkins and see how they are raised, not simply purchased from a store.  Isaac loves his pumpkins.  He enjoyed picking them up and stacking them in an organized pile.

Levi with a pumpkin

Levi, on the other hand, loved running through the field and picking up the different pumpkins.  It was good exercise and they enjoyed it, more than walking through the orchard store to sample apples.  Even Mommy and Daddy got a bottle of semi-sweet apple wine.

The trees are beautiful this time of year.  Today it is projected to be 86 degrees, but there aren’t too many warm days left in the year.  Soon winter will be here and the cold and snow with it.  For this weekend, it’s nice that the boys were able to enjoy playing in the fall weather.  All-in-all, its been a fun weekend.