Field Trip!

October 9th, 2010 by Mandi

The boys pet goats at one orchard's petting zoo.

I love the spontaneity afforded by homeschooling.  I also love that Nate is restarting his business and is able to schedule some Fridays free.  Today we took a trip to two apple orchards (our little “orchard” won’t be producing apples for a few years).  The first offered a restaurant and a free petting zoo, but the apples weren’t within our price range.  We traveled about 10 minutes to another orchard where we found affordably-priced apples and a pumpkin patch.  We didn’t discuss the complex agricultural concepts of apple growing with our preschoolers.  However, the kids did learn an important economic lesson–one that we sometimes take for granted–by seeing where our food comes from.  They were able to look at and touch live animals, experiencing biology firsthand.  They also enjoyed the sun, fresh air, and exercise.  What better physical education is there?  Of course the drive gave us time to listen to some Greek songs on CD.  This is learning at its finest.