Book Discussion: The Underground History of American Education – Intro

October 24th, 2010 by Mandi

Lately, I’ve been listening to speeches and interviews of  John Taylor Gatto, a champion of school reform.  During one radio segment, he mentioned that he offers one of his several books for free on his website!  Sure enough, I visited his site and found the full text of The Underground History of American Education there.  I am excited about Gatto’s ideas and would love to start writing about the book right now.  Unfortunately, I haven’t read enough to make an informed analysis.

Instead, I am going to extend an invitation.  Read along with me!  Each week, I will read one chapter and throw out some questions for discussion.  Now, here’s where you come in: please use the comments section to share your reactions to the text.  Nate and I will jump in and chat with you.  Hopefully we will start an interesting and informative dialogue.

A week from today, I will post questions for Chapter 1.  For those who prefer to read from a printed page rather than a screen, the print version is available from Amazon.