Taking it On The Road: Homeschooling Away from Home

September 1st, 2010 by Mandi

Later this month, we are making a trek to the cabin where Nate and I stayed on our honeymoon.  Originally, this was going to be our time to reconnect with each other.  As the date grew closer, we began to realize that it wasn’t practical to leave the kids behind.  Naomi does not tolerate being away from me for more than a few hours, and the boys are simply exhausting to care for.  We decided to turn the trip into our first family vacation!  We will honor our seventh wedding anniversary by celebrating the family we have built together.

When I think about vacations my family took when I was younger, what I remember most were the learning experiences my parents planned for us.  We spent most of our nights away at campgrounds, rather than in hotel rooms.  Not only was this economical, but it provided ample opportunities to learn about nature through hikes, nature center visits and more.  We visited the living history museum at Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky and took a self-guided audio tour of the Gettysburg battlefield.  And who could forget the Insectarium with its roach-infested model kitchen?

I attended public school for my entire K-12 career, but not many learning experiences can compare to those I had in the name of family fun.  It is this sort of learning that epitomizes my ideal of homeschooling.  Nate mentioned in his first post that we are “officially” starting in October, but I’d like to think of this trip as the beginning.  Who says we can’t start school with a field trip?  We have planned visits to some “educational” destinations (what destination isn’t, really?), the locations of which we will share after we get home.  We will also be using the drive time as an opportunity to listen to our first curriculum purchases on CD: Song School Latin, Song School Greek, and the Math-U-See Skip Counting and Addition CD.  We’ll round out our playlist with free audio stories from Storynory.com.  Check back in early October to read about our experiences with homeschooling on the road!