Sometimes You Have to Have Fun

September 13th, 2010 by Nate

Naomi having fun swinging at the park

It’s Monday. As you read, the family has been under the weather a bit.  I thought I would post a picture of Naomi having fun swinging rather than writing another review.  Having kids can be fun.

We try to get to the city park twice a week, so the kids can play outside with other kids of a similar age.  Also, on the drive home, they tire and eventually go to sleep.

The play area has a thick rubber mat and plastic slides so kids don’t hurt themselves.  These are not like those metal death traps we flew down as kids to a concrete and gravel ground.  I recall dumping water down the slides to go down even faster.  It is I wonder I ever made to my thirties.

It’s a nice day here in Indiana.  It has been a crazy and busy day at work.  I hope to get out tonight with the kids to have fun.  Like the title says sometimes you have to have fun.  Have great evening everyone.

Update:  The boys fell asleep until almost dark.  Oh well.  Perhaps another night.