So you are teaching your kids Greek?

September 7th, 2010 by Nate

Levi playing with Greek blocks

Someone on Facebook asked if we are teaching our kids Greek.  I responded that yes, we are.  I previously discussed some of our reasons in the Isn’t Latin a dead language? post.

We will introduce Latin and Greek from Preschool age in the age appropriate form.  We are using Song School Latin and Greek for early learning.  We have gotten the kids Uncle Goose Greek Alphabet blocks. These blocks are simply to get the kids used to seeing the Greek alphabet.

In later years we will likely use either Classical Academic Press Greek for Children Primer or Memoria Press Latina Christiana.

From Plato to the New Testament, Greek has many works that cover various subject matter.  The twin classical languages being taught early in a fun way rather than pure rote memorization is an important goal for our children.

It will likely be easier for our kids to learn the languages with mastery than for us adults.  Its not just about teaching our children challenging subjects, but also doing it in a way that they find interesting.