Learning at Twilight

September 9th, 2010 by Nate

Indiana at Twilight

We took the kids to the park this evening and they loved playing on the slides and swings.  The play area was fairly empty.

Afterwards, we took a drive for a little while and watched nightfall.  The photo on the left, Mandi took of the twilight sky.  While driving, we put the new Song School Greek CD in the van’s CD player.  We will post a first impressions review later of the product.

Levi was repeating some of it and then working Greek words into English sentences.  I think he argued with the CD a few times too.  The drive reminded me that learning can happen anywhere, not just sitting at a desk with a book or tutor.

In this glorious information age we now have access to information only a generation or two ago wasn’t even dreamed of.  This provides ample opportunity to teach as a way of life, not simply a task to do at a certain time of the day.  Again, a great end to a beautiful day.