I Can See It Now

September 17th, 2010 by Nate

Levi getting his eyes checked

Levi has been squinting quite a bit lately.  He has also been mixing letter order up a bit.  We decided while I still have my group policy from my previous employer that now was the best time to get his eyes checked.

We took him to a local optometrist and Levi kept trying look at the wrong copy of the letters that were behind him.  The doctor uses a mirror to project the letters.

He also answered the question “What is that, Levi? with word “that.”   As funny as it is, we finally got him to answer the number.  It was 1.  He was actually messing with us. The doctor took it well.

Well Levi has an astigmatism like his father and he needs glasses.  So we ordered ones with a bendable frame.  I am glad to live in a time where issues like this are easily fixable and Levi will have less difficulty reading.

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