September 15th, 2010 by Nate

We have been listening to the Song School Greek CD to see what it contained.  I thought Levi ignored most of it.  He came over and I pointed at each letter in the student book once or twice.  He looked at them and went back to playing.  So I continued to play the CD on our TV not really thinking much of it.

Levi kept playing with his blocks.  He stopped and brought two E blocks up to me.   In one hand was one of his Greek blocks (Epsilon) and in the other hand an English E block.  He held the English E block up and said, “Eh-eh-E, Daddy” and then with the other hand he held up the Greek Epsilon block up (looks like a capital E) and said, “Eh-eh-epsilon, Daddy.”  I was stunned.  I never thought he paid that much attention, let alone get some of it so quickly.  He was mad when I turned off the CD.  Kids are surprising sometimes as to what they are actually listening to and are learning.   I guess I had better watch what I say around them.

One Response to Eh-Eh-Epsilon

  1. Mandi says:

    I should also point out that the day we received the Latin CD, I wanted to pop it in and listen to it. Levi would have none of it. “Not Latin!” he insisted, “Greek!” That’s our little linguaphile. Next thing we know, he’ll be wanting to learn Klingon. :)