An Uphill Climb

September 24th, 2010 by Mandi

The kids and me at the observation tower at Clingman's Dome

Today we hiked up a half mile trail which rose 330 feet over its length.  On the way up we received looks of sympathy (and possibly some disapproving glances from people who thought we were cruel for making our children walk all the way up there).  We carried all three of them for at least part of the way.  It was hard work, but at the top we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the Great Smoky Mountains from 6643 feet above sea level.

Levi’s misunderstanding of scale was endearing.  When we told him we’d be climbing a mountain, he set his sights on a twenty-foot tall pile of boulders near the trail head, which he thought was the mountain.  It took some encouragement to get him to walk up the trail.  I don’t think he ever fully understood that what we were walking on was the mountain.  How time and age change our perspectives on the world.

I’m glad we followed through and made the climb.  The effort was definitely worth it.  For me, it’s helpful to see parenting from the same perspective.  Did we really want to take three small children on what was supposed to have been a romantic getaway?  Not really.  Sometimes we make decisions in interest of the whole family, and we have to put in a little extra effort or endure a bit of inconvenience  as a result.  Sometimes, like during today’s climb, we can’t see our destination and wonder if it’s worth it.  We just keep on climbing, knowing that one day we will get to the top.  When we get there, the challenges we face now will seem small in perspective.  And the reward?  Immeasurable.

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