Levi’s Glasses

September 29th, 2010 by Mandi

Levi is not so sure about his new glasses.

About two weeks ago, Nate wrote about Levi’s eye appointment.  We picked up his glasses on Monday.  So far, he’s only been wearing them in short bursts, but we’re working on it.  Even though they help him see better, he seems to have trouble with the feeling of them on his face.  You will see in the picture that he’s wrinkling his nose (this looks different from the squinting he was doing).  I imagine it will take him some to get used to them.  Also, Isaac is used to playing with cheap sunglasses and the like, so he makes a game of grabbing them from Levi’s face.  Thank goodness we got carbide lenses and bendable frames!  It was an investment up front, but it will save us replacement costs.  Another sound investment might be a pair of cheap nonprescription glasses for Isaac.

Today, Levi wore the glasses for several minutes while watching e-books on Tumblebooks (this is an awesome database offered by our local public library that I plan to highlight in a future post).  We read (or rather, watched) I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa by Kathryn Heling.  The story is  narrated by Abby, a little girl who longs to have glasses, and tries in vain to obtain them in a variety of funny ways.  Levi likes to play along, so each time Abby tried on a new pair of glasses, he would put his on too.  Pretty soon we had moved along to another story and he forgot he was wearing them.  That was when Isaac showed up.

Despite a few setbacks, we’re off to a good start.  Hopefully now that he can see better, he’ll be able to learn and express himself better.  He’s right on the brink of reading, and this could be just the nudge that he needs.