Food for Thought

September 16th, 2010 by Mandi

This may be loosely related, but one thing I appreciate about homeschooling is that I can feed my kids at home.  Celebrity chef  Jamie Oliver recently exposed the inadequacy of the public school lunch program.  His solution seemed to be a revamped cafeteria menu and (surprise!) more funding.  Instead, in a school situation, I tend to believe that parents who want their children to eat better should simply pack them a healthy lunch.  Thankfully, unless we’re taking a field trip, I can eliminate the step of packing the food.  I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to meal planning.  We end up eating a fair bit of processed and convenience food when time gets tight–like now with Nate trying to start up a business.  Still, I strive for a good balance, and am moving toward more natural, from scratch foods as time allows.  When the kids are a bit older, cooking and meal planning will provide countless learning opportunities.  They can learn fractions while baking or budgeting while planning a grocery list.

If you’re interested in nutrition, you might like my other blog, The Best Darn Diet Blog.  It is essentially a food diary, where I post pictures of everything I eat along with their calorie counts.  I feel that our nation’s problem with obesity has systemic roots, which I intend to discuss in more detail on both blogs once I have had time to do more research and clarify my thoughts.

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