26 Hours

September 18th, 2010 by Mandi

Last week at the recycled crafts class that I teach, we made clocks from old CDs. One of the girls in the class mused that she wanted her clock to go to 13 instead of 12. I only thought of her suggestion as cute at the time, but looking at it symbolically, I realized how I really could use an extra two hours in every day. I’m not formally teaching yet, but I still find it challenging to fit everything in. I have a question for you, readers. How do you find an extra hour or two in your day? What time-saving tips and tricks can you share? Share a great idea in the comments area, and you may just find yourself featured in a future post! :)

One Response to 26 Hours

  1. Beth says:

    Umm, there are no extra hours in the day. I tried staying up later at night, but that’s a bad idea. I have to fit in my top priority items first & then squeeze in whatever else fits. Simplifying is the only way to do it & stay sane!

    In all honesty, teaching the children to do their fair share of the household chores is something that we have always done. I can’t imagine trying to do ALL of the work by myself, after a long day of schooling!