Thoughts About Slow and Steady Get Me Ready

August 21st, 2010 by Mandi

I have a confession to make: I got so excited about being about being able to download Slow and Steady Get me Ready for free that I failed to thoroughly read through the text before sharing the link.  I think that by posting a progress chart, I may be misrepresenting the way in which we plan to use the book.

Let me emphasize that we do not intend to precisely follow each week’s activities.  I created the chart as a concrete record that Levi is receiving instruction long before it is required by law.  It will also help me develop the habit of tracking his progress so that by the time school is legally required, it will come easily to me.  As with any curriculum resource, I plan to draw upon its ideas and adapt them to each child’s needs and abilities.  I will share my adaptations so that others may use what they find helpful.  I will leave the chart in the Resource Center, but please understand that I am not encouraging anyone to follow the book perfectly.

Nate and I are also slightly concerned with the author’s tone.  For example, in one place, she spoke of having to “unteach” what she called “improper printing” (I would argue what she calls “improper” is more a developmental stage on the way to “proper” printing.)  While the author may not have intended it so, I sense a condescending undertone toward parents.  I will not reject the entire book because of this.  The author does present some interesting activities, and overall, the book makes a good reference.  After all, it was free!