Free Resources: Letter Puppets

August 23rd, 2010 by Mandi

I mentioned in Saturday’s post that I do not intend to follow Slow and Steady Get me Ready to a T.  This week’s activities are a perfect example of how I might adapt the ideas presented in the book.  I opened up to “Age 4 — Week 12″ and found that the week begins by introducing the letter D.  Thanks to Starfall, Levi has been able to identify all of the letters and their sounds since he was two years old.  Two years later, he is beginning to put words together using alphabet blocks.  Last week he even wrote his name on his magnetic writing board!  You will see in the picture at the left that he has an issue with spelling: he does not understand letter order.  We wouldn’t want him to go around signing things “Vile” or “Evil,” now would we?  One activity suggested in the text is to look through magazines for words that begin with a particular letter.  I think this could help.  We may also try cutting out the words and making a collage?  Too ambitious?  Maybe.  I’d also like try digging in sand for letters, mostly because it sounds like fun.

To introduce each of the letters, Oberlander asks parents to make “letter puppets.”  When I think of a puppet, I think of the figure of a person or animal; I would generally describe these as “flashcards on sticks.”  However, I will refer to them as puppets to prevent confusion.  While I don’t find it necessary to introduce each letter, the author suggests other activities to do with the puppets, so I decided to go ahead and make them.  Being the nerd that I am, I made them electronically.  If you’d like to save some work, or aren’t particularly fond of drawing, you can download my version from the Resource Center.  Just cut the sheet in half between the two letters and have your child color it.  Then, fold it in half and glue the sides together with a stiff cardboard “stick” or a craft stick in between.  Voila!  Instant letter puppets!

I’ll report later this week about how the activities work.

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