Blue bees?!

August 15th, 2010 by Mandi

Blue Mason BeeMany of you may have wondered why on Earth the bee in our header is blue.  As the mascot of our home school, we have chosen the Blue Orchard Mason Bee.  You can see what real blue bees look like in the photo at the left.  These friendly little gals make excellent pollinators for the small orchard that grows in our yard.  (Yes, there are “guys” in this species, too, but they don’t tend to venture far from the nest).  They are non-aggressive and rarely sting, even when threatened.

Why did we choose Blue Mason Bees as our mascot?  They represent many of the values we wish to impart: industriousness, helpfulness, and gentleness.  Their involvement with pollination signifies the cultivation of knowledge.  Throughout history, bees have been written about–often even revered.  Because our curriculum draws so heavily upon history, we like how the bee connects us to the past.

Thank you for joining us on our educational journey, and remember: Si sapis, sis apis–If you are wise, be a bee!